NT Car Detailers are specialists in window tinting, paint protection, no cutting rejuvenation on all vehicles including Cars, trucks, boats and airplanes.
Package deals available at discounted rates.

ntcardetailersEnhance your Paintwork with NT Car Detailers.

NT Car Detailers has the latest technology and experience to prepare, polish, seal and protect all paint finishes. Flows like liquid glass to fill hairline scratches and swirl marks leaving a superior glass like, rock hard and super smooth high gloss finish. Shields against harsh detergents and will not break down, fade, melt, run, dissipate, wear or crack. Creates a superior protective barrier to UV rays, road grime, dirt and all other environmental pollutants. Blocks out all agents of corrosion, oxidization and weather. Servicing your paintwork with the right materials is just as important as servicing your engine…

Mobile exterior paint protection available *Conditions apply.


Darwin & Palmerston Sun, 18-04-07, Page 11

Darwin & Palmerston Sun, 18-04-07, Page 11

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